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History of the Fruit of the Loom

Posted on1 Years ago by
History of the Fruit of the Loom
History of the Fruit of the Loom

No matter what promotional clothing you are looking for, there is one brand that offers everything: Fruit of the Loom.

Get to know it better....


Fruit of the Loom was founded in 1851 by two brothers from Rhode Island, USA. The B.B and R. Knight Corporation opened its first spinning mills and started producing good quality cotton fabrics and textiles.
Five years later, the name Fruit of the Loom was born, inspired by drawings of fruit made by the daughter of one of the company's customers.
In 1871, the name Fruit of the Loom became an official name, which was registered as a trade mark with the next number 418. This means that the company has one of the oldest trade marks in the world and is older than the Coca-Cola brand, an electric bulb or even a modest paper bag.

Today, Fruit of the Loom boasts 165 years of experience in producing good quality textiles. It is this experience that makes the brand a leading manufacturer in the clothing industry and is appreciated all over the world. The range of products, quality and value of its products are second to none.

An extensive range of clothing for men, women and children will satisfy the needs of every customer. Whether you're looking for recreational, sports, corporate, work or schoolwear.



Fruit of the Loom has a long tradition of producing clothing in its own factories.
The reason to be proud is the modern Moroccan plant, which was built according to an individual project.
The main building covers an area equivalent to approximately 73 football pitches and is the second largest facility in Africa.
Thanks to its own power station, water treatment plant and recycling plant, the plant is self-sufficient.
It is in Marko that all the clothing with a fruit label is produced - more than 2 million pieces a week.
The size of production in Morocco is enormous. Fruit of the Loom employs almost four thousand people who work in multi-shift operation in production plants and sewing plants. It places its employees above all else, offering them decent working conditions, respect, caring for their well-being and providing numerous benefits, such as: health and dental care, transport, training. Fruit believes that operating on such a large scale is associated with great responsibility, so the safety, respect and well-being of its employees are paramount values for Fruit.
The factory's priority is to ensure safety, which is guaranteed, among other things, by its own fire brigade, which works 24 hours a day.

Fruit of the Loom has complete control over the production process, which means that their services can be trusted just as much as the quality - 50 million pieces of clothing are always stored in warehouses, so that the customer can be sure that the products they need will be delivered on time.


Did you know that....

Fruit of the Loom produces more than 2,000,000 items of clothing per week and delivers them to more than 75 countries!



From the very beginning of the brand's existence, the priority in clothing production has been to focus on quality. Total control over quality is ensured by the production of clothing, which has always taken place in our own factories. This is extremely important because it allows you to monitor the entire production process and thus eliminate errors and constantly innovate.
Fruit of the Loom is a guarantee of materials that provide an excellent surface to apply decorations.
Most T-shirts are made of fine weave knitted fabric, which is ideal for printing and is resistant to mechacia, directly affecting the durability of the decoration.


No matter what your favourite colour is, you will surely find it in the colour palette offered by Fruit of the Loom brand. From the bold, vivid, through everyday, neutral colours, to plain black and white. Completed this year with new vintage shades and retro melange colours.
Fruit offers a full range that will fit any corporate image, sports team, school uniform or promotional activities.
In the collection of Fruit products, colors are constantly increasing, but of course the best colors are not colors in themselves, but their durability. That's why Fruit uses only the best environmentally friendly textile dyes to achieve excellent colour fastness. The colours remain the same, so customers can be sure that t-shirts bought in different batches will have the sameshades.



Fruit of the Loom uses only the best fabric, obtained in an ethical way, to produce its clothing.
Thanks to the use of the best quality raw materials and the latest technological processes, Fruit of the Loom fabrics meet all the requirements set for them. T-shirts made of 100% cotton have a denser weave to ensure unrivalled print quality.


Fruit of the Loom prides itself on the fact that every piece of clothing is produced in the right way, with respect for workers' rights and with care for the environment.
All assumptions and standards are enshrined in The Fruit Code, to which not only all employees, but also all distributors and business partners are obliged to adhere.
Fruit of the Loom is certified by WRAP (an independent, global organisation that controls production to ensure respect for human rights, humane working conditions and ethics) and the Moroccan plant has been awarded the Gold Certificate of Compliance.
Fruit uses only ethically sourced yarn, so that all garments meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards, as confirmed by independent testing.


WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certification is the world's largest accreditation programme, which, while supported by the clothing industry, is a completely independent programme.
The WRAP certification aims to ensure legal, humane and ethical manufacturing processes around the world. In order to be certified, Fruit of the Loom plants are subject to regular inspection and must comply with 12 WRAP rules. These include areas such as workplace regulations, use of child labour, working hours, health and safety regulations, forms of discrimination and safety.

The OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATE is a world-renowned system for testing and certification of textiles. Test criteria are unified all over the world. These include pH tests, pesticides and heavy metals.
Clothing is approved by Oeko-Tex only when the tests do not detect any harmful substances in it.


- T-SHIRT`S - 28 unique styles - 44 juicy colors -
Choose from three collections:
ORIGINAL - these are perfect basic t-shirts, made of lightweight material without any loss of quality. Colour-compatible, at a good price - ideal for large orders.
CLASSIC - improved cut, durable material, average weight, wide range of colours, sizes and styles - these are the characteristics of this collection.
PREMIUM - fashionable cut, heavier cotton, fine weave knitted fabric, possibility of washing at high temperature, make the products belonging to this collection are premium.
- POLO SHIPS - 11 unique styles - 32 juicy colours -
Choose from three collections:
ORIGINAL - basic cotton polo shirts - excellent quality at an affordable price. Products from this collection are ideal for large-scale promotional campaigns and as workwear for one-off events.
CLASSIC - easy-to-care 65/35 polo shirts (65% polyester and 35% cotton), which can be washed at 60 degrees, do not require intensive ironing and will not let you down during hard work.
PREMIUM - premium polo shirts with side slits, made of combed ringspun cotton, ideal for sports events, sports and recreation.

- DRESS BLUES - 30 unique styles - 22 juicy colours -
Choose from three collections:
LIGHTWEIGHT - high quality, light and rough fabric with a weight of 240gm/m² - ideal as one of the many layers.
CLASSIC - thicker sweatshirts made of 280gm/m² fabric, made of soft, brushed fleece for everyday comfort.
PREMIUM - the most luxurious sweatshirts - pleasant to the touch and extremely soft, made of combed cotton ringspun weighing 280 gsm.

FRUIT ACTIVE - 9 unique styles - 9 juicy colours - 9 different styles.
A series of products designed for physical activity: breathable t-shirts, waistcoats, polo shirts and shorts made of 100% polyester, equipped with Cool Wear technology, which maintains constant body temperature and prevents sweating.

- COSCHULE - 8 unique styles - 7 juicy colors -
Two lines of shirts, designed for all business events, ensuring consistent appearance of employees:
POPLIN - easy to care for, ideal for office workers and hotels
OXFORD - higher weave quality ensures an elegant presentation. Recommended as corporate clothing

- CHILDREN REPUBLIC - 23 unique styles - 31 juicy colours -
The colourful world of children's clothing from Fruit of the Loom is mainly t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and sweatshirts, sweatshirts and sweatshirts, as well as fleece, available in the age of 1-2 years up to 14-15 years.
Clothes intended for children are fully safe and meet the requirements of the European Union.

- BIELIZNA MENSKA - 8 unique styles - 8 juicy colours
Fruit of the Loom has many years of experience in the production of men's underwear, dating back to 1983. Contemporary classic cotton underwear has been created with comfort in mind and includes traditional shorts, boxers and swimsuits, as well as matching t-shirts. The offer is complemented by men's and women's socks in three cuts.


  • expanding the collection of Original T-shirts:
  • Positive V-shirts with neckline,
  • addition of long sleeve shirts
  • extended colours of Sofspun T-shirts
  • new collection of Ringspun Premium T-shirts
  • fine shirts, made of 100% combed cotton. Available in 15 colours for men and women.
  • New colours of T-shirts in Valueweight T collection:
  • Completely new shades of "vintage" and melange retro colours.
  • lot more sizes
  • more sizes to meet all customer needs
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